Top Medical Jobs

The medical field is vast with a variety of different options and new job opportunities arising every now and then. In a situation as such, it could become very daunting for one considering a career in the medical field, as they wouldn’t know what to specialize in. Now, before we begin, you just have to know that no matter what you pick, you will be helping people’s lives, and if you enjoy helping others, that a career in medicine is totally for you! That said, although there are many different fields that you can specialize in, there are some that stand out from the rest, becoming the top medical jobs in the world.

top medical job


Surprisingly, there has been a high demand for dentists in this new era. And that should come as no surprise either, as everyone, both rich and poor, have suffered from either one dental issue or another, no matter how small or big, and it is obvious that dentists will always be needed, as dental issues are eternal. Dentists earn quite well, and they earn an average salary of over $145,000 per year with an unemployment rate of only 0.9%. If you are interested in becoming a dentist, then you need to start training for it from high school and take a whole range of pre-med courses in your undergrad years.


These are the doctors who look after the general issues that we have. Whether we have a broken arm, a cold, or hormonal imbalances, they are there to look after our problems. Becoming a physician opens a wide range of opportunities for you, as you can be a gynecologist, psychiatrist, neurologist, dermatologist, cardiologist, etc.

With the advancement in the field of medicine, it is only obvious that the need for physicians has increased a lot more in the recent years. They have an average salary of over 185,000 per year with an unemployment rate of 0.7%. Although it can be tough and extremely stressful, becoming a physician is extremely rewarding.

Physical Therapist

Another one of the top medical jobs, physical therapists take a slightly different approach to healing their patients. Physicians refer their patients to physical therapists for various different issues, such as athletic injuries, neurological trauma, etc. Physical therapists focus on making your body stronger and to restore you to the original physical state that you were in before you were diagnosed with a problem.

Their treatments include different stretches and exercises, and in some cases, they also use machines to treat the patients. Physical therapists earn an average of around $81,000 per year with an unemployment rate of 1.5%.

Bottom Line

As confusing and daunting as the endless options in the medical field may be, one should always take his/her time in choosing what he/she thinks she will be good at. You could also try out a temporary career as a nurse, for example, to try out your options and to see which career would be the best for you.

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