A Guide to Choosing Your Majors

Life is all about making choices, but when it comes to choosing your majors or your career, it is best that you think it out thoroughly. This is because it is not an easy to choice to make, and well your entire future depends on this one choice. Often times you might feel pressured into choosing a certain career or subject to do your majors in just because of the people around you, but it is important to remember that you must not give in! Always go for the thing that interests you. This is because YOU are the one who has to work hard for that major or career, not others. Always prioritize yourself!

A Guide to Choosing Your Majors

To help you out, we have discussed some main points about different subjects you can do your majors in.

  1. Engineering

Whether you want to become a civil engineer, a mechanical engineer, a biomedical engineer or an architecture engineer; it won’t be easy! Having said that; it will also be worth it! That is because engineers have some of the highest paid jobs in the industry. In addition to that, you will also have various career opportunities in the future as well as while choosing the type of engineer you want to become. If you have been good at Physics and Math, it will be easier for you to get into an engineering school. You will have financial security as well as prestige. The work you get as an engineer might be challenging but you will be able to benefit the society and you will most definitely be valued for that.

  1. Architect

Architecture is a very demanding profession however it can likewise be an exceptionally fascinating, imaginative one. As architects acquire experience, they turn out to be more required in real plan work instead of specialized issues and routine development records. Architecture is likewise never an exhausting profession on account of the assortment of assignments it requests.  Architects are additionally continually managing diverse issues, for example, meeting with customers and contractual workers, drawing arranges, taking a gander at appraisals, or working out a minute ago points of interest and demands. Despite the fact that numerous architecture schools have substantial math prerequisites, numerous architects say that almost no math is really required in their everyday schedules. Anything that requires propelled levels of math, for example, analytics is normally taken care of by architects or different masters required with an undertaking. General insight, great drawing aptitudes, an inquisitive nature, and brilliant listening and talking capacities are really the most critical qualities for engineers to have. Of course, it will take years of hard work to become as good as Juan Pablo Molyneux.

  1. Lawyer

If you’ve always been keen of watching shows about the law, then you might consider becoming a lawyer. Becoming a lawyer isn’t easy but that feeling of helping someone get justice is beyond amazing. Again, with becoming a lawyer you have multiple career choices. You could choose to work for a government agency or you could go into corporate law. Lawyers also get handsome salary packages with additional benefits and incentives. Laws are complex and they are always changing; getting a deep understanding of these will challenge your intellectuality at every level. This will contribute in making you a better lawyer.

Main Types of Engineering

Have you ever considered choosing engineering as a career for your future? It most certainly is a great idea but you also need to educate yourself about the different types of engineering that can be studied and specialized in.

If engineering is not your thing or simply does not interest you, another great option for you is interior designing! Interior engineers have handsome salaries, and get to work alongside architects and engineers. An example is Juan Pablo Molyneux who is one of the highest paid interior engineers and his talent is something worth appreciating.

Without further ado, here are the main types of engineering.

Main Types of Engineering

Agricultural and Biological

Agricultural engineers apply information of building innovation and science to horticulture and the effective utilization of organic assets. Notwithstanding making progresses in cultivating and horticulture, rural engineers apply building configuration and investigation to ensuring common assets, create power frameworks to bolster agricultural, and give natural controls.


The vast majority take the audios we hear each day for allowed. Be that as it may, it might astound you to discover that the formation of audio is a one of a kind attempt that mixes both craftsmanship and science. Did you ever stop to think how they made the audios in a computer game, a motion picture, broadcasted program, or at a show? There are truly a huge number of various employments accessible in this field are as remunerating as they are testing. There are numerous profession decisions in the field of audio building. Maybe you are a performer, are keen on hardware and audio, or like working with individuals who deliver and perform in the numerous fields of stimulation. You will discover testing and satisfying work in audio building.

Bioengineering and Biochemical

Bioengineers study living systems and apply that information to take care of different issues. They consider the wellbeing of nourishment supplies, keep alluring life forms alive in maturation procedures, and outline naturally based sensors. Bioengineering is generally used to annihilate waste and tidy up polluted soil and water. These engineers contribute incredibly to human wellbeing and the earth.


Biomedical engineers study science and pharmaceutical to create advances identified with human services. They create therapeutic demonstrative machines, restorative instruments, simulated organs, joint new parts, and prosthetic gadgets. Quick advances in these zones will without a doubt proceed all through your lifetime.


As an electrical engineer, you could create parts for probably the best time things in our lives (mP3 players, advanced cameras, or crazy rides), and the most key (therapeutic tests or correspondences frameworks). This biggest field of designing envelops the large scale (tremendous force lattices that light up urban communities, for instance), and the miniaturized scale (counting a gadget littler than a millimeter that advises an auto’s airbags when to inflate).As an electrical engineer, you may take a shot at apply autonomy, PC systems, wire-less interchanges, or medicinal imaging—territories that are at the very front line of mechanical advancement.


As a mechanical engineer, you may build up a bicycle lock or a plane carrying warship, a youngster’s toy or a half breed auto motor, a wheelchair or a sailboat—at the end of the day, pretty much anything you can think about that includes a mechanical procedure, whether it’s a cool, bleeding edge item or an existence sparing therapeutic gadget. Mechanical engineers are frequently alluded to as the general experts of the designing calling, since they work in about each range of innovation, from aviation and car, to PCs and biotechnology.


Mining engineers concentrate all periods of extricating mineral stores from the earth. They outline mines and related gear and direct their development and operation. They likewise work to minimize the ecological impacts of mining. These engineers supply vitality and uncommon materials to address the world’s issues.


Atomic architects outfit the force of the particle to advantage mankind. They look for productive approaches to catch and put to useful utilize those minor normal blasts of energy.