Instant Checkmate: Review for the Workplace

We’ve moved onto the digital age where everyone and their dog has a social media account packed with personal information and details, nothing is private anymore everything is public knowledge.

Which makes it extremely easy nowadays to find information on anyone as the need arises. More and more technology has entered the market thanks to this new development in technology to perform thorough background checks

Today we’ll be taking a look at popular background check software ‘Instant Checkmate’ to see what if offers and how it can help you in your work environment. Instant Checkmate does all the work for you compiling information from numerous sources to get an accurate picture.

Instant Checkmate: Review for the Workplace

It searches through government databases and public records to create an easy to understand report highlight 30 key points in different important categories such as marriage, address and criminal record. It does the work so you don’t have to.

The set-up is intuitive and easy to follow for people who have never used the software before. Upon loading the website you’ll be prompted to specify name and place of residence, wait for the software to scour all relevant databases and be presented with the results.

What is great about Instant Checkmate is it’s an internet based piece of software that works on the cloud meaning there are no download files and long wait times to download and then install. Keep in mind that as it’s on the cloud you’ll have to wait for loading as it gathers and compiles all necessary files.

While the wait period is annoying (approximately 5 minutes) keep in mind this is less time than you would spend yourself sourcing all the information manually and then compressing it into one easy to read format. There are many different options to get the best value for money and adapt to your needs:

The first and most affordable option to consider is a trial period for five days: $1. Keeping in mind certain features will not be available unless you pay a premium price.

After that another affordable but least value for money option is purchasing a PDF with your scoured information: $1.99. One above that is a premium report for just under $20.

Then there are three tiers of monthly subscription to choose from which are the least affordable but most value for money and suitable for the workplace where you’ll perform checks on a regular basis making this a better choice than the individual background check options. One month’s membership to test the waters: $22.86. Three months membership: $44.58. Six month membership: $59.16.

Is the information you get from these reports worth the price? As mentioned above Instant Checkmate pulls in data from different public sources, while publicly available difficult and labour intensive to find and put together.

Instant Checkmate essentially saves you time and puts everything together quickly into one easy to read report. There are also criminal record reports which cannot be found freely online and therefore come as a bonus. Accuracy is ensured by cross checking databases so you can be sure you’re getting the best possible information. You can check out more instant checkmate reviews for more information on this essential piece of software.