Mechanical Engineering Salaries and Working Environment

Mechanical Engineering Salaries and Working Environment

Have you ever considered getting into the field of engineering? If so then how about more specifically the area of mechanical engineering? If you have a curiosity for such then the following information regarding the salary and work environment for a mechanical engineer is just for you.

To simplify, being within one of the largest engineering subfields of mechanical engineering will demand that you do thorough research, development, designing, building and testing of numerous devices of a mechanical nature.

In carrying out the duties of a mechanical engineer, you will ideally be responsible for analyzing difficulties, designing machines or engines, developing prototypes, evaluating test results, screening prototypes and managing the manufacture of a particular device. The end results can be discovered throughout the walk of our daily lives, as mechanical engineers are familiar and work with internal combustion engines, electric generators, refrigerators, air conditioning units and elevators.check more information at

The Salary of a Mechanical Engineer

If we go back to records from May of 2012 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean yearly salary for a mechanical engineer was $84, 770. This would have meant that of the 252,540 mechanical engineers in America, they earned a median hourly wage of $40.75. Those that were in the bottom 10% of the profession were earning a yearly salary of $52,030 while those in the top 10% were bringing in nice six-figure incomes of roughly $121,530 annually.  This is much higher than most careers out there in the engineering field, or any field really for that matter.  Many mechanical engineers make physical products like the best curling wands reviewed at better hair day, and many of them also design the machines that produce other high quality products like commercial grade oily hair shampoos reviewed at

It should be known that the salaries of mechanical engineers do vary greatly depending upon the industry and vicinity that they are employed in. An annual income of $93,540 came to those working in the scientific research and development field, but those within the industrial machinery manufacturing made below the median at $74,110 per year.

Mechanical engineers are bringing in the largest yearly median salaries in gas and oil extraction at roughly $128,650 per year. For those that are working in Alaska, they enjoy the highest yearly median of $103,840 and the mechanical engineers in the state of California make more than those with the national median of $93,420 annually.

The Work Environment of a Mechanical Engineer

Believe it or not, mechanical engineers are the second largest engineering profession on the planet. Typically, they are normally employed for engineering related services but also for manufacturing industries, research and development in engineering sciences, aerospace parts manufacturing as well as branches of the Federal government. You can also find some in testing labs, management positions and automotive parts manufacturing. It is common to find mechanical engineers working from a professional office environment while some still need to travel to their working sites. Many, if not most of these engineers work full-time and sometimes at over 60 hours per week.

For those interested in the career, some of the best job leads are going to be with training in the current software tools and nonatechnology. Employment for mechanical engineers is anticipated to develop a little slower than average at a number of 9% between the years of 2010 and 2020. The growth levels will be different depending upon the trade of employment but for those in the architectural engineering and technology field, things will be continuing on a big faster.

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