How Much Does A Mechanical Engineer Make In A Year?

Mechanical engineering is considered one of broadest areas of engineering. Also, it’s considered one of the highest-paying jobs available. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS), the average annual pay for mechanical engineers was $87,140 in 2014. However, some engineers receive less, and some engineers earn more.

There is no single amount that tells how much a mechanical engineer make in a year, as there are many factors that can affect the gross pay of each worker. Aside from the location and type of industry where an engineer works, there are also tax laws and other deductions that need to consider. To get some idea of how much you’ll get if you pursue this profession, here are some of the factors that you want to know about.


Geographic Location. One of the common factors affecting the annual wage of mechanical engineers is the area where they perform their duties. The variation in salary may due to the differences in cost of living and the rate of demand for their service. In the U.S., the top paying states in 2014 for this occupation are Alaska with average annual pay of $123,660; New Mexico with average annual pay of $100,970; and California with average annual pay of $99,360.

mechanical engineerIndustry or Working Condition. Another common factor affecting the salary of mechanical engineers is the industry where they practice. Typically, workers who work under a dangerous working condition receive much higher salary. If you will notice, most engineers who work in oil and gas industries earn much better benefits; this is because their duties are riskier compared to others. According to BLS, mechanical engineers who work in oil and gas industries received an annual average pay of $153,940 in 2014.

Education and Experience. The level of education also usually affects the salary of a worker. Obviously, engineers who completed higher education, including Master’s and Doctoral degrees, receive much better compensation than those who graduated with only a bachelor’s degree. In addition, engineers who have 10+ years of experience get better offers than those who are fresh graduates.

Regional and Federal Tax. Keep in mind that each state has its own specific tax requirement. The amount of take-home pay that you’ll receive can vary greatly depending on where you work, as well as your salary range. There are countries that don’t charge taxes on low-pay workers even if they are required to file tax returns, but there are countries that charge higher taxes. The amount of tax that you’ll need to pay may also depend on your filing status. If you’re a married engineer with children who are dependent to you, you generally pay less tax. But if you’re unmarried and have no dependent, you pay more in taxes, which greatly reduces your take home pay.

Social Security and Medicare Tax. Aside from taxes, an engineer must also pay other taxes, such as Medicare and FICA, to fund their future. These contributions also affect how much you’ll receive as a take home pay. The tax percentage that you need to pay also typically depends on the range of your salary.

4 Essential Life Lessons to Learn after Graduation

Mechanical engineering is a very hard course to pursue in college. In fact, it is known to be one of the hardest studies. If you have just graduated from your university with this degree, then you ought to give yourself a pat on the back. All your hardwork and late night study sessions have finally paid off.

But, are you really ready to face the world with your diploma in hand? You must keep in mind that there is a whole new world when you step out of college. If you are having a hard time transitioning, let us help you out. Below are 5 essential life lessons that you need to learn when you become a working young adult.

Life Lessons to Learn after Graduation

  1. Preparing meals.

During college, you probably had to eat a lot of instant food in your dorm room. There were also probably some instances when you had to skip a meal altogether. When you are living on your own and are earning a wage, it is time to upgrade your cooking skills. Instant ramens will not give you the nutrients you need and it is very expensive to eat out all the time. You can learn to cook simple dishes and research easy recipes on the Internet so you can prepare meals on your own.

  1. Doctor’s appointments.

Fresh graduates and young professionals often neglect their health concerns because they are so still used to having doctor’s appointments being scheduled by their parents. One of the most important factors that you should prioritize is your health. Make sure that you prioritize your health at all times. This means you can’t be lazy in scheduling routine checkups with your doctor and dentist. Finding the right professional doctor to go to is not that hard. Research the net about dentist near me open now colorado springs best reviews or other similar phrases and compare your best results.

  1. Hard work.

You might think that you have finally gotten away from all the studying but the truth is, there is a lot more researching and learning to do outside college. You need to be very hardworking to be noticed in this field, especially if you are a new fish in a big company. Remember that hard work pays off pretty well. Just do your best in your job and keep learning new things so that you can climb the ladder quicker than expected.

  1. Practice gratitude.

One of the best life lessons to learn is to practice gratitude. Graduating and getting into a big company can be the result of help from other people. Make sure to thank those who got you where you are. Your parents or guardians, most importantly, should be on top of your “Thank You list”. You might be living far away from them but make them feel how thankful you are for their presence in your life. It would mean a lot to your loved ones if you make it a habit to still visit them from time to time.

Locksmiths in Chicago IL

One does not appreciate the skills of a locksmith until they have forgotten or lost their keys and are locked out of their homes in a winter storm. Unlike what most people think, however, a locksmith’s sole profession isn’t to rescue the poor souls who have been locked out of their own homes by picking their locks. Locksmiths also make the locks, install safes, repair locks, etc. If you’re living in Chicago Illinois, and are in need of a new lock or a spare key, the only people you can turn to are pro locksmith Chicago IL.

Omega Locksmith

They offer their services 24 hours a day to help people out whenever possible. No matter where you may be in Chicago, they can come to your rescue within 30 minutes. They don’t just help with residential locks, but they also help with auto locks as well, meaning that the next time you can’t find your keys, you can simply call them to come to your rescue.

Their locksmiths are competent and reliable, as well as being professional, honest, and helpful. They can offer the best pro locksmith Chicago IL service, so don’t hesitate to contact them the next time you need someone to open your door for you.

Locksmiths in Chicago

Nonstop locksmith

This team of locksmiths are highly trained and professional, and they are available 24/7 to serve you whenever you may be in a pinch. They can also install and deal with high security locksmithing. So the next time you’re in need of a new lock, they will be more than happy to provide you with it. They provide many locksmith services, such as lock rekeying, lock replacement, lock installation, key duplication, building management services, as well as many more.

They also provide other security services aside from locksmith services, such as advanced lock installations, intercoms, safe installations, virtual doorman, access control, CCTV, etc. They are licensed and provide a fast and affordable service.

Keyway Lock and Security

Another licensed locksmith, they service the people around the Chicago and the Oak Lawn area. They provide different services for people with different needs, such as residential services, automotive services and commercial services. They provide their services at good prices and have businesses, individuals, and families as clients.

Their locksmiths are experienced, professional, and honest, and have all the qualities that are expected of a top locksmith in their industry. They also provide other security services as well, such as CCTV installations, security inspections, safe installations and maintenance, etc. they have something for everyone, and whether it is a family, an individual or a business that needs their service, they will be able to provide a suitable solution to no matter what the security problems may be.

Bottom line

If you’re looking for a locksmith in Chicago, IL, this article should guide you to it. The locksmith companies mentioned above will have the solution to each and every problem that you may have, so don’t hesitate to call them.

Important Advice and Tips for Young Engineers

Once you have finally gotten that diploma after years of hard work and determination, you are ready to face the real world outside the campus grounds. But, are you really ready to brave the complicated corporate world?

Before you step in the shark cage, you might want to take note of some important things to help you survive the wild. Businesses and corporations can be very brutal, especially if you are a newbie in the field. We’ve listed some useful advice from experienced engineers in the field to make your transition from school to work a lot easier.

Don’t stop learning.

Whatever field you may be in, one of the most important lessons you must remember is to continuously learn from anything and everything. Life education does not stop when you have finished schooling. Getting that diploma is only the first step to making your dreams come true. After you finish school, you have to be open to new information from people and also experiences to add to your knowledge.

Find a mentor.

Having a role model that you can look up to will be a great help in your career. If your mentor is an experienced engineer, then you can have someone to ask questions to or a trusty professional to guide you in your career endeavors. Having a mentor beside you will keep you on the right path and will greatly help in molding you to become the best engineer you can be.

Learn about other important details.

Aside from landing your dream job in a prestigious company, there are other smaller but equally important details that you have to learn. From taking care of rent to understanding taxes, these details are all part of your adult life. Understanding taxes and tax refund processes maybe a bit complicated for those with no experience yet but there are countless of accessible information to help you out. Visit websites such as to learn more about how to deal with your tax issues.

Be open to innovation.

Innovation is very important in this career and if you want to succeed, you must always keep up with the changing times. The best innovations in engineering can have a huge impact on the development of our society. Thankfully, our modern times now offer access to countless of information to help you learn and keep up with the ever-changing trends in engineering and other industries. The Internet alone is one of the best platforms to use when you are doing research and study.

Learn how to network and manage people.

Being good at what you do is sometimes not enough. The path to success requires a lot and you must learn to think out of the box too. Your professional skills can fall short if you do not build a good network of people around you. Additionally, learning how to manage people will be very beneficial to your future. This will significantly increase your skill set and value as an engineer and will therefore lead you to path of success much quicker.

Essence of Training Programs for The Aviation Industry Standards

The field of aviation is broad and diverse. It covers several competencies and skills. The training in such industry consists of piloting, aviation mechanics, flight attendants and aircraft dispatch. For anyone who would like to begin or start a career in aviation, training programs are made available. It is also open for the adventurous individuals with piloting passion. Although aviation can seem to be fun filled, it is also a bit demanding because it would of course involve long working hours and lots of traveling. Yet, it is required so as to fulfill the aviation industry standards.

The training programs targeted to piloting are regulated not just by the industry but also by the government. The aviation training programs curriculum and the necessary flight hours to get the license are regulated by other highly relevant industry organizations. Even so, there are other curriculums like the flight dispatch and flight attendants are not that much regulated. There are some big airlines that have their own in-house training programs given to their staff. Oftentimes, this is on top of the finished education from an aviation school.

Aviation Industry Standards

Because of the increasing caution related to the aviation security, significant limitations were provided for pleasure purposes or sport in the aviation training. Such given restrictions also have heightened the costs to acquire. This is because training schools are working hard to meet the given aviation industry standards. The necessary or mandatory flight safety training as well as other standard safety drills caused the courses to be reviewed to be able to associate additional lessons.

Today, there are many schools that offer aviation training. Yet, it is best to consider their standards, reputation, instructors and facilities. Seeking referrals or references from other people you know like friends and families can be helpful. The use of credible and reliable online reviews and feedbacks can also be a smart move. By doing so, you can guarantee that you will get nothing but world class training that will not just be of aid with securing a job but also for your own safety. It is very essential to have practical training. Hence, to be able to attend in a school with the pre-requisite equipment and facilities cannot be overlooked. Read more at

Training programs in aviation is a combination of classroom lectures, flight simulation and doing actual flights as well in various aircraft sizes and capacities. The learner must be ensured by the aviation program that he or she will be able to get an entire fly simulation interaction on complicated conditions of the flight and be able to apply the required solution.

Getting training programs in aviation would need a high level of dedication and commitment. This is on the part of the student and the instructor as well. Choosing an aviation career means that the safety of the several passengers would be dependent on your skills and decisions. This is exactly why, proper training is a definite must. Aside from training, it is also advisable to be decisive and to possess qualities of a good leader of which all passengers can look up to.

Keyman Life Insurance Benefits for the Organization

The consideration of having Keyman Life Insurance truly matters for all businesses. Although not all business owners have already given their thoughts to it, it is truly essential to have it one’s business.

It could just be an old saying yet it is very true that among the most relevant components of a business success relies on the people working for it. Although life is all about changes, this old cliché will never change no matter what.

key person insurance

The small businesses are essentially important on this part. For instance, in a country where more than 3 or 4 million business operate on 4 manpower and more than 90% of such business have got less than 10 people in operations. These are the kinds of businesses that would need to consider the acquisition of Keyman insurance.

Being the owner of a business, you are aware of the people who you entrust your company’s operation in a day to day setting. These are the people who can help make your business to be profitable and continue to direct it forward. With that in mind, you are also aware that if these people are not around to be your representative, you business will not earn its revenue. Read more at—I-Need-Keyman-Insurance&id=114215

Keyman Life Insurance ensures that these people will be protected. Keyman can assist in protecting the company against the challenge of losing an employee so as to prolong the absence or death of any staff. It is one factor that can be very relevant for the success or failure of any business.

This is a kind of insurance that is made perfectly for business owners looking for a contingency plan like suitable replacement recruitment or training employees and at the same time be able to maintain the business operations and its profits.

Knowing that, it says it all being the greatest benefit of getting this insurance. A good explanation is if for example a business partner or a shareholder died too soon, and the estate will coming knocking at your door for the share of the company. The question is, would be able to have the funds readily available when they asked for it? Otherwise, the business can be at risk. This is why, Keyman Life Insurance is definitely important and beneficial for the company. The insurance company will cover for the required money to pay for the estate. Hence, you would be free from any claim that they would demand over the business.

Another situation is you borrowed money. The guarantor that you included died. The result is, the institution where you borrowed the money would call you and may affect your business operation. In such cases, Keyman life insurance would also be of help by redeeming the loan so the bank will no longer need to add interest on it.

On the whole, getting Keyman Life Insurance is somewhat the same as getting personal life insurance. The difference with Keyman is you insure the lives of the employees. This gives security for your business no matter what type it may be.

Top Medical Jobs

The medical field is vast with a variety of different options and new job opportunities arising every now and then. In a situation as such, it could become very daunting for one considering a career in the medical field, as they wouldn’t know what to specialize in. Now, before we begin, you just have to know that no matter what you pick, you will be helping people’s lives, and if you enjoy helping others, that a career in medicine is totally for you! That said, although there are many different fields that you can specialize in, there are some that stand out from the rest, becoming the top medical jobs in the world.

top medical job


Surprisingly, there has been a high demand for dentists in this new era. And that should come as no surprise either, as everyone, both rich and poor, have suffered from either one dental issue or another, no matter how small or big, and it is obvious that dentists will always be needed, as dental issues are eternal. Dentists earn quite well, and they earn an average salary of over $145,000 per year with an unemployment rate of only 0.9%. If you are interested in becoming a dentist, then you need to start training for it from high school and take a whole range of pre-med courses in your undergrad years.


These are the doctors who look after the general issues that we have. Whether we have a broken arm, a cold, or hormonal imbalances, they are there to look after our problems. Becoming a physician opens a wide range of opportunities for you, as you can be a gynecologist, psychiatrist, neurologist, dermatologist, cardiologist, etc.

With the advancement in the field of medicine, it is only obvious that the need for physicians has increased a lot more in the recent years. They have an average salary of over 185,000 per year with an unemployment rate of 0.7%. Although it can be tough and extremely stressful, becoming a physician is extremely rewarding.

Physical Therapist

Another one of the top medical jobs, physical therapists take a slightly different approach to healing their patients. Physicians refer their patients to physical therapists for various different issues, such as athletic injuries, neurological trauma, etc. Physical therapists focus on making your body stronger and to restore you to the original physical state that you were in before you were diagnosed with a problem.

Their treatments include different stretches and exercises, and in some cases, they also use machines to treat the patients. Physical therapists earn an average of around $81,000 per year with an unemployment rate of 1.5%.

Bottom Line

As confusing and daunting as the endless options in the medical field may be, one should always take his/her time in choosing what he/she thinks she will be good at. You could also try out a temporary career as a nurse, for example, to try out your options and to see which career would be the best for you.

Does your business require you to hire payroll service vendor?

payroll service vendorIn a business setting, there are naturally quite a few processes and tasks that should be accomplished. This is why, outsourcing some of the business tasks can provide the business owners more time to be able to focus on making the business more profitable. One branch of business tasks would be payroll. It is a very essential function in a business place. When you will assess it fully, you can see that it will absolutely be worth it to outsource and get help from payroll service vendor rather than to have your own in house payroll department. The payroll vendors will give you the peace of mind that you require to deliver organized system of payroll. Such companies follow procedures and policies and can ensure that your employees will get their wages without delay.

Being able to maintain your tax obligations is just one good reason for any company to give consideration on hiring reputable payroll service provider. Such firms will always deliver the required task from them. You can rest assured that even the least indiscretion will be rectified since such kind of minimal errors can equate to major penalties from your country’s tax authority.  Read more at

Would it be advisable to outsource payroll jobs?

If for instance you have a big company, your first instinct is to hire your own payroll department in house. It is just a normal reaction. However, with such, you must also be ready to allocate some funds to be used on resources such as computers, chairs, software, training and more. Trainings of employees are not just done as part of the new hire requirement. Keep in mind that laws of federal and state tax are constantly updating. This is why, your software likewise require updates and so as your employees. One other concern if you are already a big company and you continue to expand, adding several employees may also be needed as your current payroll team can no longer handle such a huge expansion.

How to properly select the best one for the job?

There are quite a few options to find these days. There are many companies online and offline that offers the service that you need. To filter the choices, you may need to ask for company quotes from some of the companies that you wish to hire. Then, you can review their services and rates. After such, you can go ahead and compare and contrast one from the other. When you already have the one that you think can fulfill your needs, you need to read a few feedbacks or ask referrals from their previous clients. By doing such, you can determine whether the company of your choice is worthy of your business.

When you already made up your mind, ensure that you will be aware of your agreements. Carefully read your contracts to see your rights should in case you are not happy with the service and if you are allowed to terminate the contract when you notice any erroneous results. With such, you can guarantee that you will be able to have a harmonious relationship with your chosen payroll service vendor.

Ways To Select The Right Pressure Washer

To shop around and select the right pressure washer that can attend to your unique need can be challenging most especially for first time shoppers. It is not just related to selecting the best suited ones but also being bombarded with quite a few brand names from different manufacturers. It would be ideal to buy the one that can be beneficial for all your needs so as for the investment to be worth it. In order to properly do such task, you must know what exactly to search for in a pressure washer. Reading along the tips and suggestions listed below can be very advantageous. Other details can also be found at

First: Check the brand of the engine

A major part of a purchase consideration would be the kind of engine that is used to provide power to the pressure washer. In the market, there are lots of brand names that offer exactly the same thing that you need. There’s AR Blue, Generac, Karcher and Greenworks. Among the big names, Greenworks is a great brand to trust as it offers good quality pressure washers.

pressure washer

It can be smart to select the correct one with a known brand name engine rather than those that do not have any. By doing so, you can make sure that a warranty coverage comes along with the purchase. Warranty is very essential in terms of part replacement and repairs.

Second: Water supply consideration

Hot or cold water can be used on pressure washers. The models that make use of hot water works best for industrial operations or tough works in the farm. The ones that only use cold water can best be used for domestic cleaning.

Such devices can quickly be moved from one place to another and most are priced at a very good rate. You may confer your bookkeeper to seek advice regarding your budget.  In short, for any kind of major or tough cleaning, hot water pressure washers must be selected. On the other hand, for mostly domestic or DIY chores purposes, the cold water pressure washer would be the good choice.

Third: Ratings check

There are two different types of rating that can be used to assist in purchasing the right device. The first is checking the PSI or Pounds per Square. This rating can give you the idea about the force being produced by the device while in use. An appliance with minimal 2200 PSI can be the best one to get for perfect cleaning requirements.

The other rating to take into account is GPM or Gallons per Minute. This indicates the water flow rate. The pressure washer that can yield perfect results would be the one with higher rate of PSI and GPM. Both such are good indications that the device can offer utmost cleaning with fast and efficient outcome.

Aside from the aforementioned tips, it is also good to read reviews online beforehand. There are quite a few details relating to greenworks pressure washer reviews online. By taking time to read such information first, you can be able to learn about what the device can do for you.

How to Ensure a Successful Career in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is one of the oldest and broadest engineering disciplines. This profession utilizes mathematics, design, science, manufacturing and more to create new processes, systems and technologies that provide numerous benefits to our society. If you are a mechanical engineering graduate or looking into taking up this course in the future, learning more about the industry may become very helpful to your potential career.

Because of the high skill level in this profession, employers belonging to almost all sectors seek out engineers. Some examples of industries that are in need of engineers are Electronics, Construction, Aerospace, Marine, Chemical, Automotive and Pharmaceuticals. These industries typically look for engineers to design or build infrastructure, construct system components, develop technologies, provide equipment and research or manufacture different types of materials.


While engineering jobs are normally one of the highest paid jobs, it doesn’t mean that you will automatically be successful in the field. There are a couple more things to keep in mind to ensure you will have a long and fulfilling career. Read on below for tips on tips on how to upgrade your engineering vocation:

  1. Think outside the box.

No matter how skilled or experienced you are, playing safe all the time will get you nowhere in your career. Constantly following a routine can also be pretty mundane and will leave you with substandard work results. The solution to this dilemma is to learn how to think outside the box, especially in terms of design. There are already too many engineers that are doing the same thing and the best way to standout is to step outside of your comfort zone from time to time.

  1. Never stop learning.

The most successful people in life know that learning does not stop when you get the degree. This is particularly important if you are part of a competitive industry like engineering. Because trends are always changing and technologies are constantly developing, it is essential to be always updated about new developments. Be involved in training programs and always be open for new knowledge.

  1. Networking is important.

No matter what kind of industry you belong in, networking is always essential. Whether you are happy with your company or not, it is always helpful to have a large network of clients, associates and friends that can recommend you to other people. Building your brand will largely depend on your reputation so it is important to always be professional.

  1. Prepare for the future.

One of the worst mistakes that employees can make is to live in the present and not prepare for the future. When it comes to finances, it is not smart practice to be irresponsible with your income. Even if you are earning a lot, you should not look at it as having disposable income. To be ready for the rainy days, consider investing your money in different passive income sources. To help you make informed decisions about your finances, seek help from services like self managed superannuation funds to help you better understand and manage your funds. Having an SMSF will not just help you prepare for the future; it can also assist you in growing your funds.